German Surname Genealogy

Interested in researching your German surname genealogy? Then you’ve come to the right place!

As you may well be aware of by now, tracing your German genealogy can often be very time-consuming and to no avail, particularly if you are unable to speak the archaic language of your German and Prussian ancestors. Even many Germans cannot decipher it, as it has not been used since the Second World War.

German Surname Genealogy

The quickest and most successful way to trace your German roots, therefore, is to hire a proven German genealogist, who studies and researches German and Prussian family history and can trace back as far as the records permit. 

In an ideal world a genealogist should be recommended to you.  As you probably know, there are many 'rogue' genealogists and German genealogy resources out there claiming to be able to trace your German surname genealogy, but actually when it comes to it they have no proven track record nor wide-ranging experience.

As you would have seen elsewhere on my website I never recommend anybody unless I’ve researched them fully and/or have used them myself. So if you, like many others, are wondering who I would recommend for discovering your German ancestors, then I would most definitely suggest making contact with Andrea Bentschneider (via the form towards the bottom of this page.)

Andrea has been tracing the German surname genealogy of xxxx people for almost 30 years. For Andrea it all started in 1988, when she received a photo of her paternal grandmother who had died during the bombings in 1943. Due to their resemblance, it immediately caught her interest. She felt a special connection and wanted to find out more about this “young girl”.

Today her passion for family history and in-depth genealogical experience has turned into an even more exciting profession with a small team assisting her. 

What particularly struck me personally is her 90 per cent success rate in tracing German/Prussian and European ancestry and the hundreds of endorsements from her previous clients, such as: 

Alexandra Orton, Producer, Who Do You Think You Are? U.S (TV Show)

- Celia Tait, Producer, Who Do You Think You Are? Australia (TV Show)

 - State Archive Hamburg, Germany and National Archives in Washington, DC, USA,

- BallinStadt Emigration Museum, Hamburg, Germany

- German Emigration Center, Bremerhaven, Germany

- Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York, USA

- Bundesarchiv (Federal Archive) Berlin, Germany

- Christine Neubauer, Actress and Armin Rohde, Actor

Andrea is also a member of several organisations including the:

- Association of Professional Genealogists, USA

- Association of German Speaking Professional Genealogists, Hamburg, Germany (Chairwoman)

- Genealogical Society Hamburg, Germany

- Society for Computer Genealogy

- Society for Family and Individual History, Mecklenburg, Germany

- Society for Family Research, Bremen, Germany

Andrea will make use of a number of historical records and will, possibly most importantly, apply her impressive knowledge of archaic German customs, laws, migration movements and also historical socio-economical circumstances to compile the information for you.

Her experience in and knowledge of German surname genealogy are helped along by her ability to decipher old German. Thus, she will be able to read old German documents and records quickly and accurately for you…no mean feat I’ll have you know!

Rather than just visiting Germany to see the land of your ancestors, imagine if Andrea was able to find the specific village and reunite you with distant (or not so distant!) relatives and, via the use of historical images and documents, introduce you to your German ancestors? Magical!

Before any money is transferred and the project taken on, she will have a fact-finding conversation or two with you to ascertain if she might be able to help you.

So, if you are wondering whether or not Andrea can help you trace your German surname genealogy, please just fill out the short form below. 

(This is a non-contractual and non-binding interest form. Andrea has promised to get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if she can be of assistance. Your details will not be used for any other purpose than this.)

Andrea and her team are looking forward to professionally accompanying you on your journey into the past..

Good luck everyone...and please do let me know if Andrea managed to help you and what magical information she discovered for you!!

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