About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm not German, but British, and have been learning German for over 18 years now.

So why write a website about the German language I hear you cry?

Well, there are a number of reasons if you care to listen to my story.

Learning German at School and University

My first reason is simple: I love the German language. Even way back at school, the idea of learning German really appealed to me.

Everyone else seemed to want to learn French or Spanish, but I wanted to be different...maybe I somehow foresaw the job opportunities learning German would open up for me.

I also loved the gritty sound of the German language and, despite the well-known difficulties of the German grammar, there was something logical about it which appealed to my otherwise very English ears.

After gaining an A-Level in German, I progressed to degree level and graduated with a BA degree in German in 2001. I decided to opt for a year abroad during my degree course which meant an additional year of studying, but gosh, was it worth it.

I studied German language at Potsdam University near Berlin and it was possibly the best year of my life. For all you contemplating studying aboard - GO FOR IT! Not only is the teaching of an excellent standard, you will adore the German culture, food, the high standard of living and, of course, the nightlife!

Living in Germany and Family

Secondly, I have been living in Germany (Munich) for over five years now. I am married to a German and have a half-German/half-English toddler running about. He also is coming to terms with learning both English and German!

My love of the German language extends to various aspects of the German culture. From the people - who are genuine folk and make trustworthy, truthful and loyal friends - to the food - delicious, although don't get me wrong, I still miss my roast dinners and fish and chips!

From their desire to uphold their long-standing traditions, such as the beer festivals - the Oktoberfest being, of course, the most famous one - to their unyielding desire to have things 'just so', whether this is trains arriving spot on time, impeccably clean streets and parks, excellent health care and education or, of course, producing the best cars on the planet! :)

Thus, this brings me on to the second reason as to why I decided to write this website. I wanted to impart my knowledge of the German culture and everything it encompasses to the rest of the world.

As you navigate my website, you will learn about various aspects of the German culture, which I hope you find both interesting and informative.

But don't take it from me, visit this beautiful country and see for yourself!

Career Opportunities

A year or so ago, I felt ready to impart my knowledge of the German language to people like you, who have an active interest in learning German, but do not necessarily know where to start.

My initial idea was to teach German to people moving to Germany, but then a friend of mine mentioned the idea of building a website. And so this very website was born.

This brings me to my third, and ultimate, aim for creating this website. I want to help you learn German as easily and successfully as possible in the hope that it benefits you as much as it has me - not only personally, but also professionally.

I have been working for one of the most sought-after, multinational companies in Germany for the past ten years. Initially, I was based in the UK before being transferred to its headquarters here in Munich.

Without being able to speak and understand German, this would have been nigh on impossible.

So there you have it: my three main reasons for creating this website!


Just before I finish I would like, in particular, to thank my husband, Hermann (yes, Hermann the German) and a very good German friend of mine, Doreen, both of whom have invested a great deal of time painstakingly checking every aspect of my website to make it is absolutely perfect for you, my German language learner.

I would also like to thank Mr Morley - my German A-Level and GCSE teacher - as well as my University Lecturer, Dr. Astrid Herhoffer both of whom laid the foundations for my knowledge of the German language.

Little did I (and possibly they!) know one day this would go on to shape not only my career, but my entire life...

I truly hope my website helps you in your quest to master German or, at the very least, helps you learn some simple German words and sentences and communicate with loved ones, friends and colleagues.

I would like to leave you with one thought.

Your Secret Weapon (apart from this website of course!)

When buying a house the key is: location, location, location.

When learning German it is most definitely: perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.

GOOD LUCK... and let's get learning!

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