Basic Words in German

Hi, Sarah here - Welcome to my basic words in German, perfect for those of you who are complete beginners and don't know where to start!

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Basic Words in German

If you are looking for actual phrases, such as 'My name is ...', 'I come from...' etc then I would actually suggest beginning with my Common German phrases section. Here you will find all you need to learn the basics of the German language.

Right, let's get down to business. We will now take a look at basic words in German, including German question words and basic German numbers. 

These basic words are must-learns and you will hear them on numerous occasions in German conversation.

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vielleicht - Maybe

und - and

nie - never

später - later

auch - also

etwas - some

manchmal - sometimes

jetzt - now

gleich - in a second / minute

immer - always

stimmt - that's right / true

stimmt nicht - not right / true

aber - but

oder - or 

noch ein - another

gern - gladly

weil - because

bis - until

wieder - again

endlich - at last

nur - only

toll - great

genau - exactly / that's right

Ein bisschen - a little

viel - a lot

schon - already

es gibt - there is / there are 

fast - almost

immer noch - still

gut - good

schlecht / schlimm - bad

natϋrlich - of course

sicher - sure

viele - many

wirklich - really

langsam - slow / slowly

schnell - quick / quickly

links - left

rechts - right

gerade aus - straight ahead

Basic German Words - Asking Questions in German

wo? - where?

wann? - when?

was? - what?

wer? - who?

warum? - why?

wie? - how?

wie viel? - how much?

wie viele? - how many?

(Tip: I always used to confuse these last two questions  ('wie viel' and wie viele'.) The way I remembered was to think the phonetical way of saying 'y' on the end of 'many' is 'ee' which reminded me of the 'e' in 'viele!' I guess this is a bit of a round about way of remembering how to say 'how much?' and 'how many?' in German, but it certainly helped me at the beginning:)

Basic German  -  German Numbers

We will now look at basic numbers in German. I believe these are relivately easy to learn so shouldn't cause too many headaches. 

Tip: The Germans use a full stop where we would use 'st', 'nd', 'rd' and 'th', so '1st', '2nd', '3rd' and '4th' are written '1.', '2.', '3.' and '4.' as detailed below.

0 - null (zero)

1 - eins / 1. / erste (one / 1st / first)

2 - zwei / 2. / zweite (two / 2nd / second)

3 - drei / 3. / dritte (three / 3rd / third)

4 - vier / 4. / vierte (four / 4th / fourth)

5 - fϋnf / 5. / fϋnfte (five / 5th / fifth)

6 - sechs / 6. / sechste (six / 6th / sixth)

7 - sieben / 7. / siebente (seven / 7th / seventh)

8 - acht / 8. / achte (eight / 8th / eighth)

9 - neun / 9. / neunte (nine / 9th / ninth)

10 - zehn / 10. / zehnte (ten / 10th / tenth)

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