Common German Words

Learn common German words for free with this easy online lesson with audio.

Common German Words

Learn this collection of everyday German words and phrases and get your German language learning off to the best start possible.

Just before we get started learning some common German greetings, did you know...

In German there is a formal and an informal way of addressing one another, depending on whom you are speaking to and/or how well you know that person.

If you use the informal version during a situation which requires more formality, you run the risk of upsetting the other person and being deemed impolite and, in the worst case, rude and ignorant.

Avoid making such mistakes, particularly during the all-important introductions and business meetings.

My advice: stick to the formal version if you are unsure - you can't go too wrong with this. Please go to my German Pronouns lesson more information on this.

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Common German Greetings

Get the all-important introductions off to a good start by learning these common German words.

Hi - Hi

Hallo - Hello

Guten Tag - Hello (Literally means 'Good day')

Guten Morgen - Good morning

Guten Tag - Good afternoon

Guten Abend - Good evening

Gute Nacht - Good night

Wie geht's? (Informal) - How are you?

Wie geht es Ihnen? (Formal) - How are you?

You can answer:

Gut, danke - Good, thanks, Es geht - So, so, Nicht so gut - Not so good

Ich heiße ...- My name is ...

Ich komme aus ... - I come from ...

Ich wohne in ... - I live in ...

Ich arbeite bei ... - I work for ...

Sprechen Sie Englisch? - Do you speak English?

Ich spreche Englisch - I speak English

Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch - I speak a little German

Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye

Tschϋß - Bye

Bis später - See you later

Bis bald - See you soon

Bis morgen - See you tomorrow

Servus - (Used in Southern Germany)

(For a full list, please see my German Greetings lesson.)

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