Days and Months in German

Learn the days and months in German in this penultimate section of your common German words lesson.

Let's begin by looking at the days of the week.

Days of the week in German

Montag - Monday

Dienstag - Tuesday

Mittwoch - Wednesday

Donnerstag - Thursday

Freitag - Friday

Samstag - Saturday

Sonntag - Sunday

der Tag - Day

der Morgen - morning 

der Nachmittag - afternoon

der Abend - evening

die Nacht - night

Gestern - yesterday

Morgen - Tomorrow

Months of the year in German

Januar - January

Februar - February

März - March

April - April

Mai - May

Juni - June

Juli - July

August - August

September - September

Oktober - October

November - November

Dezember - December

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