German Colors

Learn German colors with this free German language lesson including example sentences in English and audio clips.

We will begin by learning some basic colors in German and then continue with an extended list of additional colors and conclude the lesson with German hair colors.

Let's start by learning some basic German colors

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German Colors

Black - Schwarz

The black car - Das schwarze Auto

The car is black - Das Auto ist schwarz

Blue - Blau

The blue sky - Der blaue Himmel

The sky is blue - Der Himmel ist blau

Brown - Braun

The brown coat - Der braune Mantel

The coat is brown - Der Mantel ist braun

Green - Grϋn

The green grass - Das grϋne Gras

The grass is green - Das Gras ist grϋn

Grey - Grau

The grey skirt - Der graue Rock

The skirt is grey - Der Rock ist grau

Orange - Orange

The orange ball - Der orange Ball

The ball is orange - Der Ball ist orange

Pink - Rosa

The pink shirt - Das rosa Hemd

The shirt is pink - Das Hemd ist rosa

Purple - Violett

The purple stripe - Der violette Streifen

The stripe is purple - Der Streifen ist violett

Red - Rot

The red lipstick - Der rote Lippenstift 

The lipstick is red - Der Lippenstift ist rot

White - Weiß

The white cat - Die weiße Katze

The cat is white - Die Katze ist weiß

Yellow - Gelb

The yellow flower - Die gelbe Blume

The flower is yellow - Die Blume ist gelb

N.B Add "dunkel" (dark) or "hell" (light) to the beginning of the color as required, e.g. 'dunkelrot' = 'dark red'

Other adjectives which can directly precede colours in German are:

bright = strahlend / deep = tief / fluorescent = fluoreszierend

Extended List of German Colors

Here you will find further colors in German. Please do not feel you have to learn them all - the German colours listed above will be sufficient to get you through a basic German conversation. Scroll down to hair colors in German, just below this section, if you prefer.

Dark blue - Dunkelblau

Navy blue - Marineblau

Royal blue - Königsblau

Sky blue - Himmelblau

Light blue - Hellblau

Aquamarine - Aquamarin

Azure - Azur

Cyan - Blaugrϋn

Indigo - Indigo

Beige - Beige / Hellbraun

Bronze - Bronze

Khaki - Kaki

Maroon - Kastanienbraun

Cream - Creme

Ivory - Elfenbein

Gold - Gold

Lawn green - Grasgrϋn

Lime green - Limonengrϋn

Sea green - Meergrϋn

Turquoise - Tϋrkis

Mint cream - Pfefferminzcreme

Platinum - Platinfarben

Salmon - Lachsrosa

Violet - Violett

Crimson - Blutrot/Dunkelrot

Silver - Silber

Pristine white - Blϋtenweiß

Antique white - Antiqueweiß

Hair colors in German

Below you will find various hair colours in German, including examples of how to use them when talking about yourself or other people.

Blonde - Blond 

I have blonde hair - Ich habe blondes Haar

My hair is blonde - Mein Haar ist blond

Ginger - Rotblond

She has ginger hair - Sie hat rotblondes Haar

Her hair is ginger - Ihr Haar ist rotblond

Black - Schwarz

He has black hair - Er hat schwarzes Haar

His hair is black - Sein Haar ist schwarz

Brown - Braun 

They have brown hair - Sie haben braunes Haar

Their hair is brown - Ihr Haar ist braun

Grey - Grau

He has grey hair - Er hat graues Haar

His hair is grey - Sein Haar ist grau

Red - Rot

She is a redhead - Sie hat rotes Haar

Her hair is red - Ihr Haar ist rot

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