German Grammar 
The Easy Way

Here you will find a variety of German grammar lessons to help you in your quest to learn German. These easy-to-understand lessons (they truely are!) will help you master the most dreaded aspect of the German language.

But should it really be dreaded? Is it really that difficult? The answer is most definitely no.

Yes, it is more difficult than English grammar. For a start in English, we only have one word for 'the'. In German, however, there are several possibilities depending on the case (and, no, I don't mean suitcase....more on this later) and on which gender the noun takes (again, more on this later.)

First and foremost, however, German grammar is very logical once you have learned - or, to put it more precisely, memorized - some of its basic rules.

I truly believe the majority of German text books, German courses and - sorry to say it - teachers, overcomplicate German grammar and, by doing so, have a knack of putting some people off learning German altogether.

This is a great shame, as understanding and speaking German really does have so many advantages in today's society - I can vouch for that!

So whether you are just beginning to learn German, or are more advanced and in need of a quick refresher or supplementary information, you have definitely come to the right place.

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German Grammar

This lesson will guide you through basic German grammar as quickly and easily as possible - and it will most definitely not overcomplicate matters.

Right, let's get started, after all there's no time like the present!

German Nouns 

We will begin this grammar lesson by looking at my easy-to-understand guide to German nouns. You will find lots of examples as well as helpful tips and techniques to get you started.

German Cases - An Overview 

Now you know about German nouns, you are ready to learn the basics of the German cases...and no, I don't mean a suitcase, or any other case come to that! Essential reading for anyone serious about learning German properly.

Nominative Case in German 

Now you have an overview of the cases, it is now essential to look at each one in a little more detail, starting with the nominative case in German.

Accusative Case in German 

Now it's time to get up to speed with the accusative case in German with several examples.

Dative Case in German 

Once you have mastered the nominative and accusative case, you are ready to move on to the dative case lesson.

Genitive Case in German 

The last of the German cases, my genitive case lesson will teach you how to demonstrate possession in German with easy-to-follow examples.

German Verbs 

Now you are familiar with the German cases, it is time to turn our attention to German verbs - an essential step to being able to speak, read and understand the German language.

German Verb Conjugation 

You will learn the conjugation of the most important types of German verbs: auxiliary verbs (including modal verbs), regular verbs, irregular verbs, separable verbs and reflexive verbs. The conjugations are set out in easy-to-understand tables with English translations throughout.

German Pronouns 

We have already touched on German pronouns in the German cases lessons. But now it's time to delve a bit deeper and find out why these funny little words are so very important to learn.

German Prepositions 

So, you know about German nouns, German cases, German verbs and even German pronouns, but what on earth is a 'preposition' I hear you cry? Don't worry this lesson will teach you all you need to know about an important (and, dare I say, easy?) element of German grammar.

German Word Order 

Learn all about the structure of German words. This lesson will provide you with all the basic rules and plenty of examples.

German Adjectival Endings 

While adjectival endings are perhaps not the most essential part of conversational German - you will, on the whole, be understood whether or not you make a few mistakes - they are a great way to impress German colleagues and friends when you do get them right.

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