German Jobs Option 4:
German language jobs - Teaching

If you are passionate about German and feel you are at a stage where you are able to share your knowledge of the language, then becoming a German teacher may be the perfect option for you.

German Language Jobs

In order to find out exactly which qualifications are required for the age group you wish to teach, you should carry out more detailed research in your particular town or city as it varies from country to country and even state to state.

Generally, however, you’ll need a teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree to teach at a high school / secondary school. Teaching at an adult level normally requires fewer qualifications.

Teaching has many benefits. In addition to being able to inspire and influence the lives of others now and in years to come, teachers - and German teachers in particular - are generally in short supply so you may find this is a less competitive career path which is likely to offer good job security.

Lastly, if you have or desire children in the future you will find teaching is conducive to family life – you will generally finish work when they finish school and more often than not enjoy the same holiday periods. 

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