German Surnames
Beginning with U

Here we will study the meanings of German surnames beginning with U.

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Uhlig – This surname is a variation of the name ‘Ulrich’. Please see ‘Ulrich’ listed below for further information.

Ulbrich / Ulbricht – These German last names are variants of ‘Albrecht’. Please refer to ‘German last names beginning with A’ for further information on ‘Albrecht’.

Ulmer – Meaning ‘from Ulm’, this surname would have originally referred to inhabitants of ‘Ulm’ - a city in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Ulm is cited in records dated as early as 854.

Ulrich / Ullmann / Uhl(e)mann / Ullrich – Deriving from the old Germanic personal name ‘uodal-richi’ where ‘uodal’ meant ‘inherited property / estate’ and ‘richi’ meant ‘ruler / powerful’. Thus, this name essentially means ‘powerful through inheritance’.

Umlauf – This surname literally means ‘circuit’ and has a couple of possible origins. Firstly, and most likely, it was the nickname for a policeman (i.e. ‘doing his rounds’). Secondly, it may have been a nickname for somebody who ‘roamed about’ or, thirdly, it may have referred to the ‘town’s messenger’.

Unger – Means ‘from Hungary’. This surname thus originally referred to either an inhabitant of Hungary or somebody who had connections to the area.

Urban – This German last name stems from the Latin ‘urbanus’ meaning ‘urbane’ and would have originally indicated a ‘city dweller’. 

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