German Words

Learn basic German words and phrases for free with my easy-to-follow online lessons. I know just how daunting it can be when you begin to learn to speak German. But follow my German vocabulary lessons and you will get off to the best start possible.

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Lesson 1 - Common Words 

Based on my own experience of learning the German language over the past 18 years and living in Germany, I have compiled a comprehensive but easy-to-understand list of useful, common words with audio.

It will guide you through everyday words and is perfect for you if you are a beginner or in need of a quick refresher.

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German Words

In Lesson 1 you will learn some Common German Words and introductory phrases, for example,‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘My name is…’ and ‘I come from…’.

You will then move onto learning some Common German Pleasantries, such as, ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, ‘You’re welcome’ and ‘I am sorry.’

Once you have learned these important words and phrases in German, you will move to focusing on Basic Words and Numbers in German. 

Here, among other words, you will learn important ‘connective’ words which will help you link one sentence to another or extend it, such as ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘but’. You will also learn basic German numbers and question words in this section.

You will then conclude your Common Words lesson by focusing firstly on Days of the Week and Months of the Year in German and then finally on Special Occasions and Family Members in German. 

Important: If you are a German beginner or need a quick refresher my German Phrases lessons are also a must-read. 

Lesson 2 - German Loanwords 

As a beginner to German, you know no German right? Wrong! You already know some German vocabulary as you will discover in this German Loanwords lesson. Great - some basic German learned in a matter of minutes

Lesson 3 - Long Words in German 

A bit of fun! Find out which words in German are Guinness World Record breakers and which are really used in everyday German. Can you believe the official longest word contains no less than 80 letters? 

Lesson 4 - German Colors 

Learn all the colors of the rainbow with this easy online lesson, including ready-made sentence examples. 

Lesson 5 - German Animals 

Can you guess what 'Schwein' means when translated into English? Find out this, plus the names of over 150 other animals in German. 

Lesson 6 - German Flowers 

Learn over 20 German flowers. Also learn which flowers are typically used on occasions such as funerals and weddings in Germany, as well as an alphabetical listing of flowers.

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Top Tips & Advice

Improve your German language skills today with my top tips for learning German. 

Longest German word?

Can you believe the longest German word contains no less than 80 letters?! 

Click here to find out which long German words are Guinness World Record breakers and which one involves this very famous European river! 

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Business German phrases for use in emails and letters as well as for presentations, meetings and phone calls. 

Learn German Numbers in this easy-to-follow online lesson. Lots of examples and tips on counting in German.