Get in contact with real German-speakers

by Cath

For me, I think one of the keys in learning German was meeting real German-speakers, as well as visiting German-speaking countries. Firstly, it's really helpful to learn new vocabulary in context. Secondly, developing friendships with Germans was a great motivation to improve and work at my German so that I could communicate with them better.

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Jul 02, 2011
Completely agree!
by: Sarah - Site Owner

Hi Cath,

Thank you very much for your tip.

I completely agree with you. What better motivator than having to communicate with a native German-speaker.

I found though, you just have to make sure they don't answer you in English! That happened to me on a couple of occasions and that was quite frustrating. So I just politely asked them if they could answer in German as I was learning German.

Thanks again!

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