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“German is too hard. I give up!”

I bet you have said that on numerous occasions - I know I did while I was learning German! In fact, I truly believe the majority of German text books, German courses and - sorry to say it - teachers, overcomplicate German and, by doing so, put people off learning German altogether.

As you would have seen elsewhere on my website I would never recommend anything unless I’ve researched it fully and/or have used it myself and in this case I have done both :)

So, if you, like many others, are wondering what I would recommend in order to learn German properly, there is, in my eyes, only one system and that is Rocket German’s

In fact, I have tested and researched sooooo many different online language learning systems while writing this website and while I was a student myself and I can honestly and confidently say you won't find a quicker, an easier, more enjoyable way to learn German.

I am not alone in believing this as Rocket Languages has over 1,200,000 registered users, thousands of outstanding user reviews and is editor’s choice for language learning.  

I also know many German teachers who have recommended Rocket German to their students and their grades were significantly better compared to those students who did not use it. As one teacher recently remarked: “I just can’t find another system that provides the variety of tasks with various levels of difficulty and entertainment to keep the students’ attention.

So, whether you are looking for a way to supplement your (boring!) German lessons at school or university, or are looking for an easy, quick and fun way to learn German as a complete beginner, then Rocket German really is the best option for you.

In fact why not have a go now and try Rocket German’s one week free trial - you have nothing to lose! You will see they’ve managed to not only take the boredom out of learning German, but have also made it easy. I am not saying it will be a breeze as this also needs dedication and enthusiasm. But if you have these, together with all the Rocket German tools, I am absolutely sure you will be able to speak and understand German well in a relatively short period of time.

Just before I go into more detail, I have summarised below how Rocket German could quickly help you become fluent in German:

·         Language Lessons to help you speak naturally

·         Culture Lessons so you can understand the people

·         Language Games for a fun and effective way to reinforce the lessons

·         Self-testing technology, so you can test your new language skills

·         Voice comparison technology for every word and phrase used in the course – record your voice and see how close you are to a native German!

·         A Forum where you can interact with other learners and your Rocket Languages teachers

·         iOS and Android apps so you can use your course wherever you are.

·         Live customer support and life-long membership to your course.

·        Best Foreign Language Website in the High School category of the 2013 Best Educational Software Awards, for websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.

· editor’s choice for language learning

·        Language learning and technology journal said “Rocket Languages offers a favorable learning environment that integrates interactive features and inspires users with appropriate resources and materials to foster learning."

"How will I learn?"

Before we get on to what you will be exactly learning in each module (please scroll down further for this) I would like to explain to you exactly how you will learn and why I recommend Rocket German to all my friends, colleagues and visitors to my website.

Here is your tour of Rocket German compiled by me J

Easy & Quick Interactive Fun

So, firstly, you will listen to an interactive audio file which you can stop, start and replay as often as you like. The initial lessons cover introductions and learning to talk about yourself and other people. I would listen to the audio straight away and you can then compare the audio with the German transcript below. You can also download entire lessons as MP3s so you can learn German in your car, at the gym or wherever you choose. A PDF file of each lesson can also be downloaded.

By the way, you will also notice as you go through the lessons that there is lots of repetition just to make sure everything has sunk in – I remember finding this particularly helpful for my brain! J

In each lesson there is a basic and more advanced option so you can tailor each lesson to your own ability. In the more advanced ‘role-play’ sections, one of the participants in the conversation has been removed enabling you to take their place. I think this is invaluable for practicing and building confidence in a situation which is as close to reality as you could possibly get.

Test Yourself: Variety of tools

Once you have completed your lesson at your own pace, you will be able test yourself.

You will firstly be able to test your pronunciation of the sentences you have just learned by recording your own voice and comparing it against the online voice.

This voice comparison software will let you know exactly what you are doing right and what you need to improve on. This is particularly clever technology which really does enable you to sound like a native.

You will then be able to test your writing and translation abilities as well as take part in a real conversation which really gets you thinking on the spot. Once again even here you can choose whether you take part at an easy, medium or native level. Finally, you will take part in a quiz. Remember each test is tailored to each individual lesson: so perfect and so so simple.

These tests are something my and many other websites just aren’t set up for, yet they really are so important. From the results you can find out exactly where you are going wrong and what you need to work on. You can even rate how you found specific areas of the tests. These ratings are saved meaning you can come back to the areas you rated “not at all” (i.e. haven’t learned at all) and pass by the ones you have rated as “easy”.


The Lessons

Rocket German has split their lessons into three levels and within these levels there are modules. Below I have detailed what you will learn during the first level.

Rocket German Level 1

Module 1

·        Introductions

·        Talking about yourself

·        Doing Coffee

·        Learning German

·        Booking a room

·        German Alphabet

·        Talking about people

·        Talking about action

·        Talking about gender


Module 2

·        Tourist information centre

·        On a tour

·        At the airport

·        Travelling on business

·        Survival kit numbers

·        What’s your occupation

·        Numbers

·        What time is it?


Module 3

·        On the freeway

·        Asking for directions

·        Going into town

·        Taking the tram

·        Survival kit countries

·        Good, better or simply the best (comparing)

·        Asking questions

·        Survival kit city life


Module 4

·        Doing the groceries

·        In the kitchen

·        Reserving a table

·        At the restaurant

·        Survival kit trains

·        What I want

·        To speak or not to speak

·        Understanding

·        Survival food


Module 5

·        Buying a bottle of wine

·        In the gift shop

·        Retail therapy

·        Sending a package

·        Survival kit clothing

·        Understanding

·        To need or not to need

·        To give or not to give

·        To have or to make

·        Survival kit colours


Module 6

·        A birthday celebration

·        Meeting the family

·        Flirting

·        The first date

·        Days of the week

·        Nominative Case

·        Accusative Case

·        Dative Case

·        Genitive Case


Module 7

·        Activities

·        Going skiing

·        On the mountain

·        An accident

·        Talking about yours or mine

·        Helpful action words (part 1, 2 and 3)


Module 8

·        All conversations

·        All reviews

·        Role play playing


Summary of Rocket German Lessons Level 2: 

The perfect tourist, Getting settled in Germany, When things go wrong, Love is in the air, Business world, Celebrations, Lifestyle, At the bank, On the plane, Talking about your job, Various grammar lessons and much more.


Summary of Rocket German Lessons Level 3:

German way of Life, All about food, Relationships, Travel destinations, When things go wrong, Everyday conversations, Dining etiquette, Office communication, Driving in Germany, Measuring systems, In an emergency, Numerous grammar lessons and much more.

My conclusion?

Rocket German’s learning system really is second-to-none…but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself and register for their free trial or go straight ahead and rocket your way to fluent German!

To finish I have detailed below a few of the user reviews from the Rocket German website as I think they sum it up best! Good luck and I hope it helps you as much as it did me!!


“I've tried books, CDs and tapes. Rocket German is the easiest, fastest, most economical and fun! Once you get started the enthusiasm begins. Emails from Rocket German are very encouraging also!”

By Richard Dinker, Hawaii, US


“In my opinion, with Rocket you avoid unmotivated teachers, boring textbooks and often the long span of time in between class sessions, because you can proceed daily. The tests are excellent and really reinforce all of the concepts and vocabulary.”

By Elizabeth Matthew, Philadephia, US


“I've looked at so many German courses, but I just can’t find another that provides the variety of tasks with various levels of difficulty and entertainment to keep the students’ attention. It provides continuous entertainment and motivation. It's never a chore to get back to study, it's a real buzz.”  By Pat Smullen, Ireland.

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