Special Days in German

Although these special days in German aren't necessarily common German words (depending on the time of year of course!), I believe they are still important words and should be learned during a basic German lesson.

Special Days in German

Heiliger Abend - Christmas Eve

Erster Weihnachtsfeiertag - Christmas Day

Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag - Boxing Day

das Silvester - New Year's Eve

das Neujahr - New Year's Day

der Valentinstag - Valentine's Day

der Faschingsdienstag - Shrove Tuesday

der Aschermittwoch - Ash Wednesday

der Karfreitag - Good Friday

der Ostersonntag - Easter Sunday

der Ostermontag - Easter Monday

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Family Members in German

You will now find listed below the names of several family members in German.

die Mutter -  Mother

die Ehefrau - Wife

die Großmutter - Grandmother

die Tochter - Daughter

die Enkeltochter - Granddaughter

die Tante - Aunt

die Nichte - Niece

der Vater - Father

der Ehemann - Husband

der Sohn - Son

Großvater - Grandfather

der Enkelsohn - Grandson

der Onkel - Uncle

der Neffe - Nephew

das Kind - Child

das Enkelkind - Grandchild

die Eltern - Parents

die Großeltern - Grandparents

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