German Jobs Option 5: Teach English in Germany

Why not teach English in Germany, Switzerland or Austria?Although not technically a German job, it would still provide you with an excellent chance to submerse yourself in the language as you would be required to live there for a minimum of a year.

Teach English in Germany

This option is an excellent means of learning the German language and more about the culture, people, country and discovering Europe itself due to Germany’s central position.

Native English-speakers are always needed to teach in Germany and the process is relatively simple. In fact in terms of qualifications, all you need is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate and be a native English-speaker.

You don’t need any previous teaching experience or be educated to degree standard either.

Such is the demand for English teachers - depending on which city or town you decide to live in - you will generally find you can begin work relatively soon after arriving in Germany. 

German Job Option 6: Work for the government

Although not usually a necessity unless working as a translator or interpreter, knowing a foreign language can be particularly useful in finding a post within the government and, in particular, within the Diplomatic service and other specialist positions.

Such positions may involve meeting with representatives of foreign governments, negotiating issues or promoting exports and trade.

In fact, there is a growing demand for candidates who are able to speak an additional language across various governmental departments.

US Federal Government agencies who recruit candidates with foreign language skills include:

- Customs and Border Protection- Border Control Enforcement Series- Intelligence- General Arts and Information- Equal Opportunity Compliance

Government staff enjoy a wide range of benefits. These normally include an excellent health insurance programme and leave policy, a whole range of family friendly benefits as well as a retirement programme and several options for life insurance. 

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