German Jobs Option 1:
Work for a German company

An effective way to begin a career in German is to work for a German company. There are hundreds and hundreds of multinational German companies with subsidiaries or sister companies all over the world.

This is a perfect option for you if you are a German beginner and/or are not willing or able to up sticks and live in a German-speaking country.

Depending on the role, you may not need any knowledge of the German language, or very little. If you do speak basic German, however, you will find you will have an advantage over other candidates who have no knowledge – all other things being equal, of course.

Here are just a few examples of multinational German companies based all over the world:

Siemens, T-Mobile – IT / Comms Industry

BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche Cars – Automotive Industry

Bayer, Schwarz Pharma – Pharmaceutical Industry

BASF – Chemicals Industry

Adidas – Sportswear Industry

Lufthansa – Airline Industry

Work for a German company

In the early days I was lucky enough to have a very large international German automotive company based just a couple of miles from where I lived. I visited its HR department suited and booted with my CV in hand. I explained that I lived locally and could speak a little German and that I would be willing to do any number of tasks.

I was called for an interview a couple of weeks later by a German gentleman who ended up becoming my boss and soon after I began working in a small administration role. This was enough for me to ‘get my foot in the door’, set the foundations for my career and enable me to learn German.

So whether you are still at high school, a university graduate or a professional looking to learn German without living in Germany working for a German company might be the ideal solution.

In all cases English will generally remain the main language in which you will work. However, you will build upon your basic knowledge of German by speaking to German colleagues based either in your offices or at the German headquarters, as well as by reading German documents and emails. Furthermore, you will learn more about the German culture and the German way of working and doing business.

Do a little research online to find such companies in your local area. Depending on your location you might be pleasantly surprised at how many there are.

If your German improves, you might find you are offered a transfer to the German headquarters which brings me on to the second option. 

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