You are welcome in German

In this section you will learn how to say you are welcome in German as well as please in German.

To complicate matters (or make things easier depending on how you look at it!) one little word can be used for both of these expressions in German and this is ‘bitte’.

You are welcome in German

Let’s get started. So, as discussed above, the easiest way is to simply use the word: 

Bitte = You are welcome

‘Bitte’ together with ‘sehr’, which means 'very', makes it a little more formal as demonstrated in this sentence: 

Bitte (sehr), Herr Jones - You’re (very) welcome Mr Jones 

You can also use:

Bitte schön - You’re (very) welcome

Gern geschehen - My pleasure

(’Gern’ is a short version of this.)

Nichts zu danken - Don’t mention it 

Kein Problem - No problem

Please in German

As mentioned above ‘bitte’ also means please in German as demonstrated in this sentence:

Könnten Sie bitte langsamer sprechen?
Could you please speak more slowly? (Formal)

Be aware though, this little word can also mean ‘here you are’ as described in this sentence:

Bitte sehr, Ihr Glas Wein 
Here you are, your glass of wine 

And, furthermore, it can also mean ‘pardon ’ as described in this sentence: 

Bitte?/Wie bitte? Das habe ich nicht richtig verstanden 
Pardon? I didn’t quite understand

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